Reliability Issue

Hi guys

I am new to arduino and seriously considering getting one (Arduino Mega2560) to design an interlock for my lab equipment. But one thing that is absolutely critical for me is the reliability as it is supposed to protect expensive equipment (it will have to run continuously for months may be years!!). Based on your experiences with this device do you think it would be a good choice or I should look for expensive industry standard ones. The thing that fascinated me about Arduino are its low cost(almost unbelievable) and the Open platform. Hoping to hear back from you all :) Thanks

n.b : Dont know this query belongs under this forum subtopic but could not find a more suitable header for the post.

The microcontroller is as reliable as the developer that programs it and designs its circuits ;) If I were you though, I would consider that as a side project to protect much less valuable equipment and rely on industry solutions. I wouldn't put liability of equipment on myself as a developer. Industry solutions should have some form of insurance to cover themselves in case things happen but you don't.

What’s the interlock to do? It can be designed to be in the engaged position with any kind of failure, powerloss, etc. Mechanical key to bypass if the electronics got zapped or otherwise became non-functional.