Reliable RF Module with High Sampling Rate for EEG sensor

I am designing an ECG sensor and looking to stream data from the ADC wirelessly to a PC at a minimum sampling speed of 8kHz (1kHz x 8 channels).

I have tried Wi-Fi and Standard Bluetooth (Not BLE) on the arduino nano IOT, however it has proven to be slow for Wi-FI and unreliable for Bluetooth (lots of data loss). I have also tried interfacing the HC 05 BT module, however that is painfully slow (100Hz).

Can anyone suggest a RF module that can meet my needs? It does not need to be compatible with Arduino.

Any suggestions much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Will

Do you have a computed bandwith requirement for that much data? That will be the basis for choosing an appropriate frequency and modulation method.
Are you looking for something to use in the ISM bands or custom built to match the requirements?
Are you incorporating any error detection/correction?

There is a great deal of other activity in the 2.4Ghz band, if high reliability or lack of interferance is a requirement then the 2.4Ghz band may not be a good choice.

Same is true for most ISM bands.

You need to provide a good description of what you are actualy trying to do, the environment, the distances etc.

Are you a professional electronics designer, lots of potential safety issues with an 'ECG sensor' ?

You might want to look at Log High Speed ECG data continuously for over a Month
using Teensy 3.2 and an SDHC card

Mathew is only logging 2 ECG channels but he claims to be able to do it for a month, so with modification it might fit you project. The downside is you have to transfer the SD card to the PC to access the data. Just a thought.

Nothing taxing, should only be a few meters distance. I do not know a great deal about wireless communication but am suprised 2.4Ghz is so unreliable since audio bluetooth seems reliable with high bandwidth. I am not a professional, but have some background in ECG sensing and know the risks.

I did not say that at all, I said;

"if high reliability or lack of interferance is a requirement then the 2.4Ghz band may not be a good choice"

Now for Bluetooth audio the comms might well be covering up errors that you just cannot hear.

I would assume that ECG data needs to be very close to error free and that makes comms more complex particularly in a busy RF environment.

Thanks for the link. Storing the data locally is an option, although would prefer wireless functionality for live viewing

I am sending 16 bit binary data at 1kHz per channel. At the moment I have added error detection which is 50% efficient (e.g. another 16 bits required for start/stop, error detection, channel identifier bits). So I guess I need a sampling rate of 32,000 bits per second.

Looking for a relatively simple solution as am not too knowledgeable about wireless comms.

Yes close to error free but can will be using error detection and hopefully correction too. Any recommendations for a relatively simple solution?

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