Rem1x3d Dark Arduino Theme + Icons

IDE is ok, but hurts the eyes after staring at it on a 40" HDMI TV for a length of time. The dark theme from Jeff Thompson. But then i noticed the NUCLEAR PINK TEXT. So after much digging, i found the file i needed to change, theme.txt, specifically lines 97-102, change the hex font color values to a mellower color and i wa good to go. But then I got tired of the action icons which just don't make sense to me.. So I fired up GIMP for winblows and modded them except for the 2 that made sense (verify & new).

If your interested, the forked and modded Repository are on my Github


Thanks for making this rinkrides, I've changed a few colors around for my eyes, and am loving it. For some reason my old themes wouldn't port over the actual default writing font colors to this new themes, but yours did. I was curious where this color descriptor is located in case I need to change it later? Also where do you edit the /* Comment Style */ color? I changed both types of comments on the bottom to my desired color and only the // comment style changes.

Thanks again, this is some great work!

I really like it! Would it be possible to do the same thing for the Serial Monitor?