Remote car control Project

Hey guys,

I’m at my second project with a arduino and need your help on choosing the right arduino this time. My first project was a simple remote control car, controlled with a arduino ( the speed of the car and the front wheels) and we used the Arduino Yun for that project since we wanted to control it with a Android Tablet. That worked really really good. Now my second project is to control a bigger remote control truck and this time we want to add a paintball gun on it. Now my question is this. My Yun burned yesterday cause we used a higher power source that he could handle.

What should I go for now? The Yun v2 or I should buy a simpler model and buy a wifi shield and so on ?

BTW I already have a Adafun Motorshield V2 and a Adafruit Servo Shield and I have no clue if they fit on the new Yun v2

Thank you guys.