remote compiler how start..

I need to write a plugin for the Arduino IDE so that it has a socket on it that accept the program code remotely, compiles, and for example emails the error messages if any! So to have a remote compiler!

I’ve never get to the source code of IDE, could you please suggest me what is the best practice to start toward such a project?

Or may be even better: someone already done it and I can just use? :smiley:

Thank you,


Hi, Thank you for information,

In my case I can't use them. The client side will be on google app engine. There I have 'channel api' and two way communication with a kind of server push.

The thing is I never created a plugin for Arduino IDE and I'd like to hopefully get a start from forum, or may be someone guides me to some related example on the web, or best practices, somewhere I could have an easier start from?

Don't bother with the IDE -- the GUI interface is stupid for scripts, and it's trivial to call the compiler directly. The only hard part is generating the correct include paths and creating function prototypes.

To find out what the compiler does, enable verbose compiling. It shows you exactly what the IDE does when it's compiling, so you just take the same things. Alternatively, you could steal some of the source code for the IDE.

Wow) thanks, a way to get is making it verbose, I'd try it)

Well as long as I know Arduino IDE is open source, I'd check it before using the code there and if not, will write a request to ask permission if I'd need to use the code.

Thank you for pointing me to the way..