Remote control boat with depth gauge and GPS

Hi All!

This is my first post here and I would need some help to my project.

I would like to build a remote control boat (already done) with an Arduino system on it. The system would contain:

  • sonar sensor for meuasuring the depth of the water (up to 15meters)
  • GPS for tracking the position (up to 500m)
  • wireless data forwarding from the boat to the laptop (up to 500m)

I would need help to find the correct components for this. Could you please recommend me components / complete set ups how you would solve this project? There are many many variations can be found on the net and to be honest I am a little lost now which one to choose...

On the laptop there will be a software which will draw the waterbed in real-time.

Thank you Guys!

  • GPS for tracking the position (up to 500m)

What does "up to 500m" mean for the GPS? Is that the accuracy you require? Plus or minus half a kilometer?

  • wireless data forwarding from the boat to the laptop (up to 500m)

How much data - in bytes per second? The XBee pro models can do that range, or more.

Am I correct to assume that you want to do a pond-bed, lake-bed or sea-bed survey so that you simultaneously record the depth and the Latt/Long where the measurement was taken?

Have you considered recording the data (on an SDCard, perhaps) and uploading it to your PC when the boat returns? (I presume you are confident that it will return).

You will also need to decide at what intervals to record the data - perhaps every 5 or 10 metres? This will have a bearing (excuse the pun) on the amount of data that needs to be sent to the PC if you choose the wireless option.


I think there may have been similar projects discussed in the past.