Remote control car

Hi. Taking apart a remote control car, on the board, I see:

What looks like two three-pin transistors (NPN??) where the three pins appear to be
i) Ground
ii) Something coming from some kinda small thing (is this the radio freq sensor that feeds the base/gate?)
iii) output to the motor.

The pair of these outputs appear to feed into the two sides of an H-bridge which as they connect to either side of the motor. One might be connected to VCC on one side instead of GND.

I was proud of myself that I got this far in understanding. The only problem is that I don't know how to control the car.

I am wondering if I need to solder a connection from what I think is the "base" of the transistor and then control that with a feed-in on the arduino. Or just hack directly into the "inputs" of the H-bridge. The problem is I tried poking around with a wire and didn't get exactly any kind of response that made sense. For example, shorting the VCC to the middle pin of the transistor did nothing. I've seen some tutes on the net, but they have highly device-specific "solder here" instructions for a board that looks nothing like mine.

They say "A picture is worth a thousand words...".

I guess they were right.

Thanks, will do.

I am pretty sure that my own inspection of my car's circuit board showed a circuit like that below.
Problem is:
i) with my own poking around with a bare wire (or hot 9V wires), connecting various things together, I couldn't get the wheels to turn.
ii) Most tutorials that I've found on the web say, "solder here" for boards that are completely different in shape and layout. (I don't have a "Pin 1", for example).

Exactly where would you solder wires to have Arduino control a board that looks like that below? Can someone help me to the degree of putting red dots on this diagram?

i have bean trying to make one myself try looking at my old post on how to drive the moters,64640.0.html

also what kind arduino are you using and whare did you buy your motors?

By carefully studying the circuit board of just some remote controlled truck I picked up at a yard sale, I believe I figured out that it has a diagram like that below.

However, I no longer trust my instincts about where to hook up because of my poking around with wires failed to stimulate it by hitting the emitter (gate) of the transistor