Remote control duplicator question


I would like to look into remote control duplicating. I was not able to find any kind of information online. Does anybody know what the theory behind is or have any useful link relating to remote duplicators?

Thanks in advance!


I suggest that the starting point for any quest that involves IR Remote Control circuitry and applications software would be Ken Sharriff's IRRemote blog Lots of good, practical information and an Arduino library that applies the principles elucidated by Ken.



Please don't switch it on! The world will become overrun with remote controls.

Do you actually mean a remote control repeater by any chance? ;D

Are you planning to break into someone's garage?

I actually meant a duplicator,

No you don't, not in any language that is called English anyway.

What you mean is an emulator or simulator not a duplicator. You want to record incoming IR and play it back on demand.

I was not able to find any kind of information online.

This surprises me. I just googled 'arduino IR playback' and got lots. Top of the list is:- Mind you if you go googling duplicator what do you expect.

Check this tutorial:

IR detector Make remote controls and listeners

Guys, he's looking for an RF duplicator, not an IR one.

Here's Google's first hit on "RF sniffer garage doors":

I think that's what he's after.

-- The Gadget Shield: accelerometer, RGB LED, IR transmit/receive, light sensor, potentiometers, pushbuttons