remote control jammer

Disable the anti-theft alarm to receive the remote control signal, make it loss the ability of locking the car.
This product would work without the limitation of the car’s style or automobile remote controller’s style, support all kinds of vehicle. It effect with the fixed code and hopping code, with high sensitivity and high antijamming ability! It would make the anti-theft alarm fail to receive the remote control signal, loss the ability of remote control and warning .The extent of jamming is 100 meters. We are looking for retaile agents all over the world.
Welcome to for details.


The spammer is Chinese, but the website is hosted in Dallas.

Since the use of the device for its advertised purpose is a federal crime, it should be possible to get it taken down regardless of whether the hosting company’s AUP is spammer-friendly: just threaten to rat them out to the FCC (and possibly DHS: if the feds can charge someone under USAPATRIOT for pointing a laser pointer into the air, they ought to be eager to go after someone selling tools to bypass security systems).


Irony of ironies, that data center is housed in the old Federal Reserve Bank building.

It’s about 4 blocks from me. I guess I could walk over and kick the plug out. :slight_smile:

Just tell them if they don’t boot the site, you’ll buy one of the gadgets and start diddling all the yuppie staff’s car alarms. ;D