Remote control of a motor using GSM and mobile phone


i have an basic query

can we control the motor from home like ON/OFF, my motor is 1 KM from my home, basically i used to ON/OFF the motor by using starter, my question is can we control the starter by using ARDUINO and is their any program to upload to my mobile phone to operate from home and what are all the components that i have to use, i have basic idea of ARDUINO.

if any suggestions that help to me.

You need an ESP8266, not an Arduino. It can control a relay module to in turn control your "motor".

Discussed just recently here.

Is an ESP8266 is enough as hardware component or anything that i have to purchase.

How can i connect the devise with my mobile phone, if possible can you please post the circuit diagram to connect and any videos that i can watch, could please share the web link to watch any videos.

An ESP8266 will need a WiFi connection in order for you to communicate with it from your smartphone.

If there isn't an internet connection where your motor is located, you'll need to use some sort of cellphone module to access it with your smartphone.

Adafruit sells a FONA module which can send and receive text messages and use GSM networks.

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Ah yes, I sort of misread things. The ESP8266 - on its own - is what you use for Wi-Fi control and what you would use with a phone (which would have Wi-Fi) inside the Wi-Fi perimeter.

Outside of that, you would want whatever sort of GSM module - whether or not an Arduino is also required - is most practical.