Remote control project

I'm not sure where to post this question and to be honest with you I don't even know what I need to ask. I'm paralyzed from the neck down and I use voice recognition software to operate my computer. I'm working on a project that will allow me to control/position servos (i.e. positioning up and down left and right for optics) from a computer desktop. Basically a virtual control for servos. Is it possible to use the Arduino as an interface? Receive digital signals and use them to position a servo? I hope I'm asking the right question because I'm totally new to this technology.

Its easily done, upto 12 servos from a single Arduino UNO (20 with a little trickery).

There is a lot about interfacing with and driving servos on my blog -

Introduction and overview of the servo library

and the two links in my signature will help as well.

I should mention, that the Arduino can do the control bit easily, but as per the links you will need separate power for the servos

Duane B

I'd suggest BitVoicer ( It was design to voice control microcontrollers.

With BitVoicer you can create as many sentences as you need and send commands to your Arduino board, so you can tell the servos to do whatever you want.

In the installation package they even have a Voice Schema that controls a hospital bed which is exactly your case! :slight_smile:

This is what I did with it: