Remote control RFM95 vs nrf24l01

I need to control 3 DC motors with a joystick on a camera remote head. Which of the two RFM95 vs nrf24l01 would be suitable?
Important is low power consumption in standby and up to 1km reception would be nice

And where is the 1km ?

In the middle of a flat desert with no obstructions or nearby objects ?


In the middle of a dense wet forest ?

The location makes a great deal of difference.

Although in general, I guess a RFM95 will have around 50 times the range of a nrf24l01 at similar power levels and data rates.

In sleep mode the RFM95 will consume around 0.1uA, dont know the sleep current of a nrf24l01, but neither receiver will still function as a receiver when in sleep.