Remote control robot on 433 MHz RF module

Hi, I build my first remote control robot. I want to use 433 MHz RF module. I have 2 Arduino Uno, 2 PS2 joystick and Motor Shield v1 - (like this)
I want to control 1 DC motor(first joystick), and 2 servo(secound joystick), but I have a problem with code.
I found only 1 code for RF modul:

I try to modified this but my knowledge about C/C++ is too small.

Please help me, because I really need to finish this project.

I try to modified this

Which one? How? With what results?

Please help me

What help do you need?

because I really need to finish this project.

When is our homework due?

Ok, so my modified code: Reciever, and Transmitter
After my modification DC motor is working somehow… because when I try to stop the motor for a moment I lose control of him as if he had to do specified number of revolutions.

I need help with modified this code to receive joystick position to control 2 servo, and add speed control to DC motor.

I have 2 weeks to finish this project.

Thank you for the patience.

I don't


all the

blank lines

in your code.

Converting the X an Y values to a string could be done far more easily using sprintf().

I don't understand why you are setting the speed of the motor in a for loop. The Arduino will rip through that for loop in nothing flat, resulting in the speed being set, nearly instantaneously, to max, in one direction or the other. Kind of like stomping the gas pedal and expecting the car to accelerate slowly.

You are currently only using one of the values sent. What do you expect the other value to be used for?