Remote Control Servo

I have a Arduino uno, villas sg90 servo, and a simple RF T4 receiver. I am a newbie and having issues figuring out how to get the receiver to activate the motion of the servo (Wiring and coding). Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Hi skb,

I recommend you start small and first get the servo control working before you add the remote control capability. Do you know how to wire up and control the servo?

I can help, but would like you to learn along the way.


Yes sir, I have the servo wired and operating based on a kit that I got my arduino with. I have a pretty good grasp of how that side works.

Great! Have you been able to get the RF link to work? Check out sites like VirtualWire: VirtualWire library for Arduino and other boards for links to a library.

Thats what I am stuck on. I'm not sure how to connect the RF receiver on the board to start with.

I looked through those libraries and didn't see anything for a 315MHz receiver

Also, can I do this on a single Arduino or do I need 2?

That looks like a pretty cool receiver. I think all you do is connect the +5v, ground, and the D0-D3 pins should switch on and off when you press the key fob buttons.

If you connect them to any of the arduino GPIO pins, you should be able to sense their states.

I'd try that before trying to control the servo.

Also, take a peek at Jimbo's posting on a similar issue:


I think he's using the same receiver.

ok, I think I am headed in the right direction now