Remote control SOMFY KEYBOARD DIGICODE RTS not waterproof

Good morning all !

I bought a few months ago, a remote control for my motorized gate. It is a SOMFY KEYBOARD DIGICODE RTS remote control fixed on the wall. It works wonderfully until a rainy weather. The next day, the remote control no longer works. I opened the case and there was indeed a little water inside. Do you think it can be fixed or not?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Hi and welcome.

The page (in the French language) you're referring to, has 2 warnings:

To not mount it on metallic surfaces as that will distort the transmissions.
And to keep it dry, moisture will do damage to the battery and/or the electronics.

There's no way to tell whether this unit can be salvaged without seeing in what state it is.
Water will do severe damage real fast with electronics which are powered.
You may be able to fix it by removing the oxidised conductors, but you'll never be sure the fix will be permanent.
There may very well be places with damage you can't reach to clean, and re-powering it could restart the electrochemical reaction leading to further damage.

Electronics that got wet while not powered, may be rescued by putting it in a drying oven for a day or so.
Such oven would not be too hot, less than 80 degrees centigrade should be OK to the electronics, but plastics may have trouble with that.

Hello ! Thanks a lot for the answer mate ! I'll try these solutions and see if it works (I hope so) !!!!