Remote Control?

I am trying to make my arduino respond wirelessly. I plan on making a custom remote that used a standalone arduino to map the inputs of two analog xy thumb joysticks. I was wondering how I should go about transmitting the data to another standalone arduino. I was looking into rf because it seems to be in my price range but I read they can only sent a byte at a time. So I am wondering how I should go about sending multiple channels over rf or am I going in the wrong direction? Sorry for the noob question but this is my first wireless project.

These work okay-ish across some number of feet. You need one per Arduino, at $5.50 each:

These are the same thing, but with an actually implemented RF end, so they go several hundred feet, even through walls:

I have used them and can verify that they work more or less as advertised, although the available sample code is somewhat bad. I ended up writing my own driver by reading the data sheet, but the included samples can work, too.
Note that the advertisement talks about a 250 kbps transmission mode to get to 800m range – that’s a copy-and-paste error. The chip can only do 1 Mbit or 2 Mbit, and the 1 Mbit mode goes a few hundred feet (call it a hundred meters.)

but I read they can only sent a byte at a time.

Would it surprise you to learn that a 5 Gbps USB 3.0 link only sends one byte at a time?

Hi, Why not just by a cheap off the shelf RC transmitter and receiver -

I assume the more interesting part of your project is not creating the equivalent of these widely available and well known solutions ?

Duane B

DuaneB: Why not just by a cheap off the shelf RC transmitter and receiver -

I guess "cheap" is in the eye of the beholder. Those are $80-$400, and do not hook up to the Arduino for actually sending/receiving data without significant modification. The modules I already pointed at already speak SPI (the Arduino can do that on pins 11,12,13) and are one-tenth of the price of your suggestion.

How long range do you need? If about ten meters is enough, an easy and cheap way is to use a wireless PS2 controller. It will give you four analog axels and several buttons. If ten meters is not enough, you can use standard PS2 controller and transmit the codes from the controller using rf modules suggested above or some other means, for example xbee.

but I read they can only sent a byte at a time.

Isn't it a bit at a time actually?


By the time your buy two Arduinos, two joysticks, two enclosures and speed your time inventing a protocol to send data between them, this programmable 9 Channel 2.4Ghz transmitter and receiver looks like an incredible bargain at 54 Dollars. Its all you need for your current and probably many future projects at 54 dollars !

I have no experience of using it, but reviews look very positive and it allows you to get on with building the interesting parts of you project rather than spending your time solving problems which have already been solved.

As for connecting this to an Arduino, there is no modification required at all, you simple run a wire from the signal line (white) of each of the channels to an interrupt pin on your Arduino (not forgetting a common ground connection). Like this -

Its only a suggestion and I realize that as a hobby lots of people enjoy doing things from scratch even if there are ready made solutions available.

Duane B