Remote controll a L298 with spektrum transmitter.

Hi All

I have a qustion, im looking for at code thats lets me remote controle a L298, but it seem like that code is hard to find, i can finde for Xbox controller, IR, and Bluetooth :slight_smile:
And im not a hardcore programmer, so i cant cant change the to fit my needs.

What do to ?

kind regards

If you mean a Spektrum 2.4GHz RC transmitter then you will need a receiver to go with it. That will behave like any other RC receiver and there are many projects around using RC receivers with Arduinos.

What code you need will depend on exactly how you expect to "control a L298". What is your project? I'm guessing there are motors of some sort involved. What motors, how many, do they need to go forward only or forward and reverse? Anything else need controlling? Servos maybe?