Remote-controlled NRF24L01

I shall need your help(assistant). I have no knowledge in programming and I examined on the Internet which(who) have no given forcing what I look for: (

I shall need the assembly(editing) following ( this joined(contacted) photo) of a way has to activate the exit(release) 1 if the BP is activated and once deactivated her(it) released(relaxed). (Assembly(editing) astable he(it) seems to me)

The same goes for the exit(release) 2

The only condition it is because we are have to be able to activate the exit(release) 1 if 2 is activated and conversely otherwise is going to have problems there:/

I tried to tinker something with difficult block but nothing stood out(went out again) from it.

For the information I try to replace the remote control that I made for my portal(gate) which for the moment bases itself on a PEAK 16F628 and a receiver 433mhz mediocre in term of performance.

Here is if a good programmer can help me:)