remote current sensing

I looking for advise for the correct modules and boards that I require. To allow me to remotely current sense a light switch. Basically to determine if the light bulb is functioning. I wish to use wireless. Which main board would be well suited for this task and what hardware would I require for the remote wireless. I do have more than one device to monitor but figured to tackle one problem and getting that right before launching into the other tasks. My first concern is to make sure I have all the equipment required. Then I need to see if it fits into my budget.Any advice would be appreciated. I did consider light detection hardware but during the day I wish to monitor it state as well.

First, you need to determine what you are trying to measure. Measuring current will not tell you anything about whether the light bulb is functioning.

It could be working perfectly well, but simply be turned off. The light could be burned out, and something else in the circuit could be drawing current.

Two light sensors - one aimed at the light and one aimed away, would let you measure the difference between ambient light (without the bulb contributing) and with the bulb contributing.