Remote fire a Canon 5d Mark II with Arduino Uno REV 3

I am very new to all things Arduino and am having trouble finding an answer to my question. I've searched and read quite a few sets of instructions, but either they don't really make sense (to me) or don't apply to what I need. I am trying to make an Arduino Uno REV 3 communicate with my Canon 5D Mark II and wirelessly capture an image when I want it to.

The entire scope of my project is as follows. I have a turntable that is rotating, and as it rotates I want the camera to be able to remotely fire when the turntable turns to a particular angle. From what I have read, I think that I can get the motor (Nema 34 stepper motor) to turn the turntable to the desired angle, and then have the camera fire, however I am unsure as to what type of coding sequence I need, and what to connect to the Arduino to make the camera fire. I have an infrared remote (Canon RC-6) that I use to remote trigger the camera now, and was thinking that I might be able to disassemble that and somehow connect it to the Arduino, but haven't found an example of it online. The camera has an infrared receiver on the front of the body, so perhaps I could just use an infrared transmitting LED?

Thanks in advance for any help!

You can either hack your Canon remote, or use an IR Led wired to the arduino to transmit directly, but you´ll need to know the code that it should transmit, and select the proper IR led.
Heres is some info about that: Arduino + Canon DSLRs = TimeLapse Photography and Video Shoot | Arduino Blog

As for the turntable, if you are controlling the stepper motor that makes it turn, you will need to count the steps needed to get a complete turn, an then fire the camera. But the thing is how to syncronize it. I used to work with electronic roulettes, and this devices used a small piece of reflective material and an optocoupler to detect when the right spot was in front of the sensor.
Does this sound good for you?