Remote keypad + lcd display to arduino uno board


i'm trying to make a remote control keypad with the sparkfun keypad and the general lcd display.

(Part of a security system)

now the earduino board is somewhere else in the home under 15m away.

Now the problem is the wiring there will be at least 17 wires leading to the pad so thats really anoying.

Now i was thinking on using a dip switch to minimize the wiring to at least 4 wires 2 for power and the other 2 for something else.

(Is this also possible for the lcd display ?)

Now if i use the dipswitch wat signals will be outputted to the board ?



Use a "Serial enabled LCD" from Sparkfun - 3 wires, +, - and Rx TTL serial. Change your sketch accordingly to send data preferably to a SoftwareSerial controlled pin like pin 3.
I'm not familiar with the keypad and how many wires you need for that.

It was a normal matrix keypad with 12 buttons and had 8 outputs.

But thanks for the info i will check it out en change my drawings !

It has 7 wires the keypad.

I searched for a serial enabled keypad and i found a serial keypad encoder for the keypad that sparkfun provides so the wires can be reduced to 6 wires .

So a 6 core alarm cable would do the job thanks for the info !