Remote Monitoring of 4-20ma Sensors

Hey guys,

I'm after your opinions on a small project. I have had a fair bit of experience working on PLCs in industrial applications but am very new to the adruino and microcontroller scene.

My project is basically to remotely monitor a pressure and temperature sensor online via Thingspeak (OR similar website) so that I can go online and check the pressure and temperature 24/7 aswell as hopefully setup alarm points on the website so I can be notified when pressure or temperature is too high / low. The sensors can be read remotely via a 4-20ma current loop. The Pressure cause is a 1000Kpa + gauge with a 4-20ma output. And the temperature gauge is internal to the tank also with a 4-20ma output.

After a little research I'm somewhat settled on using these Mikroe Clicks. Please feel free to comment where ever you think I am going wrong or if something could be done better.



MIKROE 4-20MA Transmit / Receive CLICK:

I will also need something like the ESP8266 or similar for the arduino to upload the data to Thingspeak. Do you guys think it is somewhat possible to achieve my goal by using these components?

Willing to pay someone via Paypal etc to write a sketch.

Looking forward to your replies!

You only need an uno and esp for this. You could even use the esp as a server and view your data from it. The 4-20ma can be converted to a voltage and read on an analog input.