Remote Monitoring Solution via Modbus

Hi everyone,

I am embarking on the design of an embedded system which is supposed to extract generator parameters from the generator's control panel and sends the data via a gprs network to a remote server. The control panel speaks modbus protocol and so I think I would need a microcontroller that supports the same protocol (Modbus). Kindly help suggest a suitable microcontroller for this project. I would also appreciate suggestion on alternative ways to implement this project.

I am sorry if I had jumped any protocol; I am new on this platform.

Thank you

It doesn't matter so much which micro controller you use. You just need to implement ModBus on it. You will presumably need a rs422/485 to serial converter depending on how it's all set up. Modbus isnt a great standard as it's not very standardised, it is to a certain extent but different company's tend to give it there own twist. I think it's fairly old now and has been superseded by other protocols. I built a control/data logging unit for 2 contrec 500 series. It's doable with any arduino really. Download the Modbus library that's a good start although you might need to mess with it to get it to do what you want.

Thank you EVP for your response.

I understand that some microcontroller allows only modbus slave/master while some other allows for both, right? if that's right, then I guess i would be needing the one that supports master.

I think that is more to do with the Library than the micro controller it's self as modbus is just a serial coms protocol. Their is a library in the playground somewhere it would only allow 1 slave or one modbus channel i had to modify it to allow it to be 2 channels. I use the ModBusMaster lib.

Thanks for the info. I will work on it. Will I be needing a driver like LTC491?

You will need something like that yes.