Remote mounting screen and serial problem.

Just need some suggestions on how to go about mounting my touchshield slide.

I have it all working when the sheild is plugged directly onto the arduino or even next to it with 50mm of cable, but once i extend the lentgh of cable between the screen and the arduino i start having comms issues (not receiving or receiving corrupt data).
I'm using a ethermega and the touchshield slide is connected on Serial1 and also connected to D0 and D1 (only for programming screen).
Both start giving errors once i extend cable lentgh(can't program screen and receive wrong data).

Should i use say 2 max233's to get the required lentgh??? , would that solve my issue???.

Any other suggestions would be great, wasn't sure if this is the right place for post either.


Answer to your question - Yes it works great with two max232's and some caps!