Remote programming arduino

Programming arduino remotley

What i would like to do is programme an arduino via the standard cable without using the ide. Idea is just to send a file via email which can be used to update software by a non programming experienced person but someone who can use windows or dos prompts.

I guess i could tutor said person on ide use but would prefer something simpler.

Any ideas ?

Enable verbose mode when compiling and uploading. You can see all the commands that are actually executed, and where the .hex file is actually stored.

Use the same command from the command line to upload the hex file (or change it after you move the hex file to a more permanent location).

Could you expand on that please ? I am relativley new to arduino and c programming. Where do i enable verbose mode ?

And you would probably need to install the IDE on the other computer in order to have the necessary programs (avr-dude for one) to invoke.

Is there a faq somewhere please.
Search does not work well.

Something like this might be what you are after