Remote PWM Output via Android App

I am stuck. Perhaps I'm just not using the right search terms.

I am looking for An Android app and Arduino code to use with my Arduino Yun (wifi) (or with a bluetooth shield if necessary). Want to have a simple GUI on android device to remotely control 4 arduino PWM outputs ranging from 1.5V to 3.5V.

Background: I have an electric wheelchair that I want to remotely control. I'd like to retain the original wheelchair joystick's operation, but additionally be able to control it via wifi or bluetooth with my android phone. The wheelchair joystick sends 1.5V and 3.5V, to the wheelchair's motor controller so I'll need the arduino to emulate the joystick.

Am I barking up the wrong tree or going about this in the wrong way?

Thanks in advance,

This is not the Forum for advice about Android programming. Creating a GUI is not a trivial business.

There is also the issue of how an Arduino is supposed to interact with the wheelchair control system. Do you have the technical details about the control system?


As far as interacting with the wheelchair system, I just want to send PWM voltages between 1.5-3.5 volts from the Arduino to the output side of the wheelchair's joystick, remotely via android app. We can actually disregard that it's a wheelchair. Need to be able to use an android device to remotely tell the arduino to output a specific PWM voltage from its PWM output pins.

I'm not trying to create a GUI; like I said, I'm looking for an App and code. Was hoping someone might point me in the direction of an app that works and maybe some sample code that might get me started.

I have:

Arduino YUN (WIFI)
Arduino UNO
Sparkfun ESP8266 WIFI shield
AIThinker ESP2866 WIFI shield
DFRobot relay shield

Since you have the Yun, you can probably use a TCP client app on the Android smartphone and set the Yun up as an access point/hotspot.

Or use Bluetooth Terminal app. Does the Yun have Bluetooth capability?

Put the error checking on the Arduino side so that even if someone sends a bad command, nothing unsafe happens.

You may want to look at the pfodApp.


That link you sent is awesome; thanks!

The Yun has no bluetooth but I might get a bluetooth shield or such.

As far as interacting with the wheelchair system, I just want to send PWM voltages between 1.5-3.5 volts

Either you have your question wrong, or you don't understand PWM properly.

The Yun operates at 5V, so a PWM signal is a 0V/5V block wave. Not a constant voltage, never 1.5-3.5V. If you need such a voltage output you have to add additional hardware to filter the PWM signal.

I understand what PWM is. I have resistors/caps for filtering.

Hello SB.

The Android app side of this isn't hard. You can either learn how to build an app using MIT App Inventor and make exactly what you want, or modify someone else's app. You really only need one that has four buttons, each sending a different command by Bluetooth. What the commands cause to happen is up to the Arduino sketch, which also would not be hard.

Bluetooth is very easy to implement on an Arduino.

Learning App Inventor takes time but no harder than learning Arduino programming and the payoff is big.


Have you considered using a remote joystick without the Android phone?

A joystick connected to an Arduino which sends the four analogue values by Bluetooth to another Arduino in the machine you want to remotely control. That arduino has to decode the data and putt the voltages to wherever they have to go.

A phone app would not have the tactile feedback of a real joystick. also, the joystick has a spring to automatically return all outputs to zero when released. That might be important.