Remote Serial Data Monitor aka ASerMo /w cheap 433

Guten Tag,

since a few days I'm working on a small remote monitor for data that are send with serial protocol via a 433 MHz TX to 433 MHz RX bridge. I'm using inexpensive 433 MHz modules from a german electronic store (the "big C") for about 15,- EURO.

Serial data could be sent with a maimum of 1200 bd. 2400 bd causes to much error without an error correction functionality. My idea is to display any kind of data that I send with a small wscript code to com1 like weather data, tv program, joke of the day etc. ;) No, I don't want to use the Ethernetshield, what could be used for that, too :)=

This is what I have until now:

Menu isn't working, yet. To be continued...