Remote start my car with sms

Hi everyone,

I'am not having any problems with my projects or so. I just finished it actually. And I just wanted to share it with the world.

I used 2 uno's. One with the gsm-shield to receive sms's from only my phone. And the other to control the central locking through a touch sensor.
Works as follows:
After receiving an sms with the right command, the arduino checks wether it can start the engine or not. (parking brake? neutral gear? engine already running? right sender number?)
If something is wrong, it sends back an sms with an error message.
If everything is ok, it activates my spare key already in the car, and starts the car.
Other way around if you want to remotely stop it.

The doors remain closed, until a well placed swipe on the windshield opens the central locking.
After the engine is shut down, another swipe closes the doors again and deactivates the key, ready for another start...

Hope you all like…

Nice Car 8)

Nice project. Do you have any information put together for it's implementation as I for one would be very interested in having a look :smiley:

Currently working on v2.0.
I'm switching to mega and adding extra functions.
I'll post everything when ready...

This is amazing, I’m actually looking to do something like this for my final year project for software development. How hard was it to get get everything going?

How did you get the swipe on the windscreen to work? what did you use to do that?

That is very nice, do you care sharing the documentation and implementation plan with us? I'd love to make it and add it to my remote start.

Thank you