remote upload and remote monitor

Is there any information on how the remote upload and monitor work? I noticed it the com ports are not known on the system. Is the rxtx dll still used or is there a swap of technology?

In short: I would like to implement the same thing in my eclipse plugin but I have no clue where to get started. Best regards Jantje

I don’t know about the discovery, but the upload and flashing I think is done via ssh (that’s why it asks for the root password i believe).

Flashing is done in two steps: first calling /usr/bin/merge-sketch-with-bootloader.lua with the plain sketch hex file, which gets patched with the bootloader.

Then calling /usr/bin/run-avrdude -v -v -v -v

So you get verbose output

Confirm. we use jsch, a pure java implementation of SSH

It starts to make sense to me. So basically the monitor works very much the same as the telnet implementation I use for the arduino connected to the USB as I describe here I'm still missing some dots but it all starts to make sense. Best regards Jantje

It connects via SSH and starts telnet, exactly as described here

Because the pieces of the puzzle are not all there yet with me it is hard to know where to find the info. For me for instance it is confusing that serial monitor is now console. I accept the serial monitor is technically something different but functionally it is the have the same name. After all I'm using the serial monitor to connect to the console 8)

One of those things I still don't get is how the limino is communicating with the Arduino. I mean the doc states it is over the serial port pin 0 and 1 on the Arduino. But on the linux side I do not see the serial port. My first guess was ttyATH0 was the port but I couldn't get anything to work. The verbose upload does not show the avrdude command that is started. The logging does show Using Port                    : unknown

I need to look at telnet to see whether it can help me out with the communication I want between limino and Arduino. Best regards Jantje

Upload via wifi moves the sketch on the board via SSH than uses avrdude that flashed the sketch via gpio (that’s why the sketch is merged with the bootloader: it’s like flashing the board with an external programmer)
The sketch and linux communicate via ttyATH0, that’s the serial terminal linux exposes and which is connected to the 32u4

thanks Federico I'll try again with ttyATH0 to see whether I get it to move ;-) best regards Jantje