Remote weather station that reports back to web via satellite

This project uses an anemometer to meassure the wind. An arduino counts the pulses from the anemometer to compute a wind speed. It then uses a Spot Connect device to transmit this wind and temperature information to the web via the globalstar satalite system. This generates an email that drives a django based website. All the code is open source at GitHub - fluffy/SprayWind: Remote wind and weather sensor that can use satellite to link information back to website and I look forward to hearing about what other people end up doing with this system.

This project was started as an little amusement to do over the holidays and provide information about the weather conditioins at Spray Lakes in Alberta Canada for the the folks that snowkite there. You can see the current data from this station at

Some documentation of the design can be found at


Thanks for posting this writeup. I really love the future plans you have for it too.

What hardware did you use for the anemometer? It doesn't appear to be included in your BoM costing.

You also mention the DS18B20 is reporting high - where do you have it mounted? If inside the box could it be influenced by power regulators, the transmitter or other components giving off heat?