Remotely monitor sensor data with XBee Pro S1 and Arduino Uno

Hello, I recently purchased two XBee Pro S1 modules , 2 seedstudio Xbee shields (v2.2) ,UartSBee V4 from seedstudio. Already have two Arduino Uno boards and Wind Speed Sensor Anemometer

I am attempting to use them to remotely monitor the wind Speed. Im not sure should I program the XBee in AT or API mode? So basically the coordinator XBee with Arduino Uno is checking the wind speed data from the Anemometer output on the first Arduino Uno. And then transmit the data to the receiver XBee. Based on the received data (in this case wind speed or the Voltage level) the second Arduino will perform an action, for example stop a motor.

What I try to do is Xbee Pro S1 with Arduino Uno transmit data(program code) and other Arduino Uno with Xbee S1 receive and take an action (for example if the wind speed is to high stop the motor connected on the receiver). I can successfully use X-CTU to configure each XBee.

Should I start with something simple to establish the communication between two Arduinos?