RemoteXY tank code doesn't work

I’m trying to figure out why my code doesn’t work. It’s for controlling a RC tank with proportional control for each track with the RemoteXY app and the hm-10 ble module. I’m using Arduino UNO R3 and for the motors l298N bridge.
I can connect to the board with bluetooth and I do get the GUI, but when i move the sliders, nothimg happens.

//        RemoteXY include library          //

// RemoteXY select connection mode and include library 

#include <RemoteXY.h>

// RemoteXY connection settings 
#define REMOTEXY_SERIAL Serial

// RemoteXY configurate  
#pragma pack(push, 1)
uint8_t RemoteXY_CONF[] =
  { 255,2,0,0,0,19,0,10,24,0,
  72,4,10,57,33,26 };  

// this structure defines all the variables and events of your control interface 
struct {

    // input variables
  int8_t slider_1; // =-100..100 slider position 
  int8_t slider_2; // =-100..100 slider position 

    // other variable
  uint8_t connect_flag;  // =1 if wire connected, else =0 

} RemoteXY;
#pragma pack(pop)

//           END RemoteXY include          //

  int pos1 = RemoteXY.slider_1;
  int pos2 = RemoteXY.slider_2;
/*  pos equal to the position of the slider, changing from 0 to 100 */
  const int IN1_L = 8;
  const int IN2_L = 9;
  const int IN1_R = 4;
  const int IN2_R = 3;
  const int DIR_L = 10;
  const int DIR_R = 5;

void setup() 
  RemoteXY_Init (); 

pinMode (DIR_L, OUTPUT);
pinMode (DIR_R, OUTPUT);
/* speed control pins */
  pinMode (IN1_L, OUTPUT);
  pinMode (IN2_L, OUTPUT);
  pinMode (IN1_R, OUTPUT);
  pinMode (IN2_R, OUTPUT);

void loop() 
  RemoteXY_Handler ();
  int pos = RemoteXY.slider_1;
  if (pos1>0) { // up
    digitalWrite(IN1_L, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(IN2_L, LOW); 
    analogWrite(DIR_L, pos * 5.11); 
  else if (pos1<0) { // down
    digitalWrite(IN1_L, LOW);
    digitalWrite(IN2_L, HIGH); 
    analogWrite(DIR_L, (0-pos) * 5.11); 
  else { // stop
    digitalWrite(IN1_L, LOW); 
    digitalWrite(IN2_L, LOW);
    analogWrite(DIR_L, 0); 
/* speed and direction control for left track */

  if (pos1>0) { // up
    digitalWrite(IN1_R, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(IN2_R, LOW); 
    analogWrite(DIR_R, pos * 5.11); 
  else if (pos1<0) { // down
    digitalWrite(IN1_R, LOW);
    digitalWrite(IN2_R, HIGH); 
    analogWrite(DIR_R, (0-pos) * 5.11); 
  else { // stop
    digitalWrite(IN1_R, LOW); 
    digitalWrite(IN2_R, LOW);
    analogWrite(DIR_R, 0); 
  // speed and direction control for right track 
  // use the RemoteXY structure for data transfer
  // do not call delay() 


A normal baud rate is 9600. Are you sure about this? Also what hardware testing have you done? Did you try running a simple test sketch to just run the motors without any remote?

Tell us about pos1 and pos2

Tell us about pos1 and pos2

pos1 is for knowing the position of the slider1. In my case I have 2 sliders so i have pos1 and pos2 for each slider

And where are they updated?

What do you mean? The command is in the void loop section; isn't it supposed to always update?

Maybe we’re looking at different code.

Guys nevermind i managed to make it work. Turns out i forgot to specify pos1 and pos2 in the void loop section for the sliders. Now it works.

Thanks anyway for the time