Remove IR receiver and send commands straight to device with arduino

I have this LED strip

It has a factory PWM dimmer module and remote. What I would like to do (if possible) is cut off the IR receiver and plug it right into a data out pin on my Uno, and then take the IR receiver and reuse it into an input on the arduino. Basically allowing the arduino to be a middle man between the IR receiver and the dimmer module. This way I can use the remote to control the strip or the arduino. Can I accomplish this just by using the IR library? I know IR is supposed to be PWM converted to IR light, is this correct?


can you just tape an IR Led over the IR receiver to the LED strip

Then tape over with some black / tape which wont let the light through

Then you can get your Arduino to turn that IR LED on an off i.e send it the correct commands

Alternatively you could take it apart and see whats inside, but sometimes thats not so easy

Of course you still have the issue of decoding the IR commands in the Arduino, the IR library only supports a few protocols, and this thing may use something non-standard

In theory yes:

  • You have to make sure the voltages are OK
  • The output of the IR receiver is usually inverted, so you would have to make some tweaks to account for that.
  • The output of IRremote is a modulated signal & the output of the receiver is demodulated and inverted. So you would have to make some adjustments to the library or alternatively write your own code from scratch.

As per the previous post, check out the IRLib or IRremote libraries and you will be able to record and transmit the IR from your Arduino to the strip, without having to make any connections.