Remove microcontroller from OSEPP UNO for standalone programming

Quick question...

I have built everything on the breadboard, using an atmega328 on the board.
I have an OSEPP UNO, based on the arduino UNO, that I would like to use to upload my sketch.
The chip on the breadboard shipped with the bootloader.
Question is, is there a somewhat universal way of disabling the microcontroller on the board when it's not removable?
I can't pull the chip off my nonstandard UNO unfortunately. Is this an easy fix?
Here's the schematic of the board I'm using if it helps...

A.k.a., those of you without a removable IC on your arduino, how do you normally disable it, or can you?

Hold the reset line low, all IOs become Inputs until released.

Do you mean literally hold the reset button? or a resistor between reset and 5v? sorry if it's a super noob question :-/

Ok, you want to use the OSEPP board to program the other board?

Download the Optiloader sketch into the OSEPP board.

Connect OSEPP pins D10, D11, D12, D13, +5, GND to breadboard’s Reset, D11,D12,D13, +5, Gnd
Run the sketch, it will put a bootloader on the breadboard for you.

You want to for some reason keep one of the 328’s from being active? Connect it’s reset pin to Gnd; the IO pins will then become inputs and not interfere with anything else that is connected.

If not one of those, please make your question more clear.

Thanks for your support, I really appreciate it. So from what I have been reading on the resources, you can wire up the arduino (or in my case the OSEPP UNO) and burn the bootloader pretty easily. The 328 chips ive purchased have the bootloader aready. My goal is to upload a sketch to the atmega to Implement it in a standalone fashion. It seemed to me like you actually have to disable the microcontroller on the board you're using to program (my OSEPP...) so it will upload to the 328? So tonight I wired everything up according to the way you upload the bootloader, and used my OSEPP board as an ISP, changed my preferences.txt to upload.using arduinoisp, and I actually think I've gotten it working. If you were in my situation, (arduino board with a non removable atmega328 or 168, how would you use it to program a separate Atmega328 or 168? I may have answered my own question by figuring it out on my own, but I haven't had the time to test it more than just running the blink sketch with some inconsistent results.

Again, thanks for the help and explanation.

The seperate 168/328 is mounted on something else, yes?
So you are now trying to use the USB/Serial portion of the OSEPP to communicate with the seperate board.

Ground the reset pin on the OSEPP. Connect its Rx, TX, +5, GND to the other board.
Start the IDE, when it says “uploading xxxx of 32xxx bytes”, press reset on the seperate board.

I personally have an FTDI Basic

that I use to download sketches into my standalone boards. Lot less fooling around.

Do you mean literally hold the reset button?

That would work, but it's easier to put a jumper wire in between the GND and RESET pins on the power segment of the shield connector...

Perfect. Thanks to both of you, that's exactly what I needed to know.