Remove network-port from Arduino IDE

I'm not sure if this is the right category, but here goes.

Recently I managed to get OTA using the Arduino IDE to work and even across subnets. Now there's one small issue.

The NodeMCU I uploaded the OTA-sketch to initially had a different IP-address and hostname than it has now, and because of that(?) I now see the same NodeMCU twice in the port menu under network ports, one entry with the old and one with the new IP.

I've been going through various dir's used by the Arduino IDE, but I cannot find where the Arduino IDE stores the list of network-ports so that I can delete the double one.

Does anyone happen to know how to do this?

No idea, I have never used OTA. Possibly it's in preferences.txt so scan your PC for that file; you might find multiple of them.

Alternatively use grep and search for known text like the ip address or hostname.

I already had Total Commander search in files in the various directories used by the Arduino IDE and just now specifically preferences.txt, no luck.

Anyone? Still haven't found anything...

I use Win10 and my preferences.txt is in folder c:\Users\'username'\AppData\Local\Arduino15.

That was one of the files I checked, there's nothing there about this.

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