Remove prints from 3d printer

Hey I have a 3d printer in an remote location with octoprint. The thing is I can only print one thing then i will have to go their to remove it from the bed. Thanks Yasas

That's tough to do. If you can solve that one you will make a lot of money.

I suspect that some industrial printers use a conveyor belt instead of a build plate. The conveyor can be advanced after the print is completed. If you have the bed adhesion worked out, the part can be popped off the conveyor as it goes around the rollers. Or the part can tear the belt if it sticks too well.

For smaller objects, plan to put several of them on the bed. For doubling your production rate, get a side-by-side extruder head that extrudes from two nozzles simultaneously. Then you always get 2 items per build plate.

Ya the belt would be a good idea but that is very costly. I was thinking of a blade to pry it up.

Once you remove it, you will have to place or store it somewhere and so on for each article you print.
Always finding a different place the articles as they emerge.
All by remote or automatically, not a small job when you really look at it.

Tom.... :slight_smile: