Remove reset button on Arduino Micro for high vibration environment?

Hi, can anyone advise me on removing the reset button from an Arduino Micro? I’m working on a project where it experiences very high vibrations and RESET keeps getting triggered. Can I just pull the button or does it need some kind of re-wiring or a jumper?


Yes, you can pull it. Can always add an external button to the Reset/Gnd pins on the power header if needed.

Does it need a jumper? Also will report back, am about to desolder it.

Success! Thanks!

Guess you figured out No Jumper?

Yes, I removed the button and tested it, boots up and loads sketches just fine.

If your reset button keeps triggering, you should mount the board on some materials to absorb some vibrations. Vibrations are bad for all connections. How are you wiring the board? Solder?