If I plug the battery into a 7805, stepping it down to 5V, would the mAh go up?

No. The “excess energy” is converted to heat.

So, if I multiply 9.6 * 1600 and get 15360, then divide that by 5, I get 3072 mA. Is this the mAh I would get?


Or do batteries not work this way?

It has nothing to with batteries. That is the way the voltage regulator works.

I have also read that 7805’s take a lot of power, is there another part that would use less power but still step my 9.6v down to 5v?

Follow this thread…

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You will be looking for a “switching regulator” instead of a “linear regulator”.

Search this forum for “switching regulator”. Search the internet-at-large for “switching regulator”.



Those questions I cannot answer. Someone else will have to provide assistance.

Well, maybe I can. I suspect...

OCP --> Over Current Protection OTP --> Over Temperature Protection SCP --> Short Circuit Protection UVLO --> Under Voltage Lock Out --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Undervoltage-lockout


Pew446: I googled UVLO and it is apparently Undervoltage-lockout, which I assume kills the power if the voltage goes too low (Awesome!)

I did the same. (Earlier post updated.)

Over Current Protection Over Temperature Protection Short Circuit Protection Under Voltage Lock Out

OCP, OTP and SCP are no problem but I do not think they have UVLO in this circuit, check datasheet, under voltage shutdown NA (non applicable)



I also think the 3-D picture in the datasheet (straight pins) have the header pins in wrong directions!

The 2-D drawing seems to be more correct (as a replacement to 7805)


Also treat the mAh rating of your battery with more than a grain of salt.

The manufacturers of batteries publish the highest mAh rating they can, which means it applies only to brand new battery, at a particular temperature, freshly charged(*), and discharged at a 10 hour or 20 hour rate.

In actual use you won't have brand new batteries, they will have been charged a month ago, the temperature will not be optimum and you will be discharging much faster than the 10 hour rate.

Treat that 1600mAh as 1000mAh and you probably closer to reality.

(*) often more aggresively than the recommended charging method