Removing inline resistor on Mini

Hi All,

I have a project using a mini for which I have had some issues. I have tracked the issue down to pin 13, and would assume that the inline 1k resistor is to blame.

My query is as follows:

can I simply remove the resistor and bridge the pads? would this then make pin 13 act EXACTLY the same as other I/O pins? is there any code in the Arduino bootloader which makes pin 13 act in any different way than the other I/O pins?

Thanks for the help. Before it is suggested, I can't relocate away from pin 13 as my PCBs are already manufactured and all I/O pins are used. I realise that the boot sequence has pin 13 raised high three times on start, but this should not effect me.


can I simply remove the resistor and bridge the pads?

Yes I would remove it and bridge the pads. Does anyone know why it is there, it's not serving any function when it is operating. I think it is something to do with programming the boot loader. Make sure it is placed in any boot loader programming header you have.

probably so you can stick an LED on that pin without needing an external resistor.

It isn’t needed for ICSP programming.


Thanks guys.

Can anyone familiar with the Arduino bootloader confirm whether pin 13 is treated any differently than the other I/O lines besides the inline resistor?

The bootloader blinks pin 13, so I think it's left as an output (I think the default for the other pins in an input).

I'm pretty sure it's just there because traditionally pin 13 is the LED pin.