Removing the USB to power the Arduino differently


I'm currently doing a project in TinkerCAD and I need to power the arduino with an external source (through Vin), but I can't seem to be able to remove the USB that currently powers the Arduino when the simulation is ran. Any idea on how to change this? I've seen other projects without the USB and they seem to use the Arduino Uno board, when I'm using the Arduino Uno R3 (can't find the other one in the components box)...


If your sketch has serial commands such as WHILE SERIAL then it will not get into the sketch without USB.

No experience with tinkercad.

But is this not more a question for a tinkercad forum?

@ballscrewbob, OP is using an Uno.

@ballscrewbob, OP is using an Uno.

Realise that but have seen it still used on sketches that have been used on both native or otherwise USB where users have seen a project on one board but tried it on another that it was not meant for.
That's why I covered it JIC.

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