Rename Arduino Driver

I created something with arduino but i don’t want people to know that i am using arduino how can i change the driver to display a diffrent name…Don’t understand me wrong i am proud that i am using this great platform but i am selling the device so i don’t want others to copy…Any ideas ?

What driver?

Isn’t the ftdi driver just a driver for the ftdi chip, not unique to arduino?

If you’re not talking about the ftdi driver, what else could you be talking about?

Yes that ftdi driver but when i look into device manager it says Arduino Uno how can i modify that ?


;  String Definitions
;Modify these strings to customize your device
MFGNAME="Arduino LLC ("
INSTDISK="Arduino UNO Driver Installer"
SERVICE="USB RS-232 Emulation Driver"

That looks like a good starting point to me.

But if one of your customers should have an UNO installed, your product will most likely be shown as just that as well.

Yep but i can modify the inf file if present with my installer thanks a lot mate