Renamed: Connect via OTG cable Android tablet and Arduino (1/2). Possible?

Hi all, I have an idea which is stuck in my head and I am trying to figure out how to realize it. Mainly I want to be able to control my music player on an android tablet with external buttons (play/stop/next..). I need this to happen over the USB port, as the Bluetooth channel is reserved for sthng else. At the same time I would want the tablet to charge itself as this is for prolonged use. I have been thinking using an arduino board to act as USB host in the pair and provide the power and the tablet and also send the button pressed events. Is this possible? With arduino uno/due? What are the requirements for the tablet? Can you point me a project which does sthng similar, like user pressing a button and that is registered by android device? Step by step instructions would be great.

Thanks for your time.

I have been thinking using an arduino board to act as USB host...Is this possible?

I suspect that you know nothing about writing USB drivers. So, I'd have to say that given that skill lack, the answer is no.

Ok, Then let's change the problem - can I connect Android device and arduino board (uno or due) via OTG cable and at the same time charge the android device from the arduino? I have read contradictory comments in other forums, so I'd like an experienced opinion.

Adding to which - for this to work, the Android device would need to support an external keyboard (I don't know that it does) and that would imply to me that the USB connection would need to be a host, not a slave. I think it's extremely likely that the only practical way to connect an external keyboard to your tablet is via Bluetooth. Bluetooth allows the concept of multiple concurrent connections, doesn't your tablet support that? If your tablet supports another way to add an external keyboard then you need to identify that and figure out how it works.

The most feasible solution I can think of so far which doesn't involve bluetooth would be to find a remote control app for your tablet, or find how to communicate between the tablet and your USB-connected PC and write anAndroid app which can be controlled over that connection which sends your intent to the music player. You'd need to write a corresponding application on the PC to handle the other part of the communication. It would be simple enough for that PC application to also communicate with an Arduino connected separately by USB and use that to receive button press and release events, volume position changes and so on.

Indeed, I need something which supports USB host mode, so the board is the host and the tablet is the accessory. Won't this work?: Arduino Mega R3 Android Accessory Development Kit (ADK) Board - ATmega2560 ADK R3

The page sais: " It has a USB host interface to connect with Android based phones, and a power supply boost converter to charge up the phone from DC power while its plugged into the ADK... The Mega ADK is compatible with all of Android's Accessory Development Kit examples and also acts like the Arduino Mega you already love to use."

As I understand, this can act as docking station, charge the tablet and at the same time communicate the button pressed events to the Android tablet. I am aware in general that I'll need to write code to intercept these events and transform them into intents, which should be recognized by the music player app. I have some experience in Android, so I think I can do that. However I am total newbie about arduino and all these variety of devices make me dizzy. Therefore I want to clear things up in that area.

Can anyone provide links to project using this Arduino Mega R3 ADK? Is it in stable state? Wow, so many questions pop up...

BTW, you may be interested in This article describes hooking up an Android device to an Arduino using an on-the-go (OTG) cable.