Renaming Bluetooth device (not ArduinoBT)


I’m using Arduino’s as pressure transmitters.
I have several of them and I read them with different computers and mobiles thru Bluetooth.
I have changed the Bluetooth names on computers and on phones.
But I have been naming them not always with the same name in different computers as I don’t remember how I named them in others computers or mobiles.
So sometimes there is a confusion which transmitter is sending the data.
I know I could mark the transmitters (which I will do now).
But in future when I will have more of them I would like to rename the Bluetooth devices.

I have seen two examples here in the forums but I was not able to change the name.
How can this be done?

what modules are you trying to rename? computer, phone , Arduino bluetooth modules? model #?

I have three EGBT-0462 and one EGBT-45MS bluetooth modules.
I would like to change the name linvor for something else.

look at the command set here: page 5


Example1: Set device name as EGBT-04
send from Host controller:
EGBT-046S Response

Yes, I have seen this and tried them.
But I don't know in which order I need to to them.
I understand that not thru the Bluetooth connection.
But how to give these commandments to the module?
Can I do write the commands thru the Arduino 1.0 Serial Monitor?
Do I need to connect some Pin in the Bluetooth module?
Or do I need to have some other equipment to do it.

Sorry, but I have never used the AT commands

Thanks for the help.

if you have your arduino connected with your computer, you can use the arduino serial monitor. just paste in: AT+NAMEbluA
and that will change the name to bluA

or just have the bluetooth module connected to the arduino with TX/RX, and write a program that does: Serial.print("AT+NAMEbluA"); and there ya go

Thank you sirbow2!

Maybe I was able to change it before, but I did not realize as I nicknamed on the computer the modules, it gave still the nick name (as it should :D). But when I checked with a new device I realized I had changed the name.
But it really helped me to go on as now I was sure what I was doing was the correct way.

After changing the name I was not able to change the PIN code with the
Serial.print("AT+PIN1111"); command?

thats seems correct, dunno why it wouldnt work. try resetting the power conenction.

OK, now it is giving the new PIN

I had only one delay after NAME but not after PIN.

After having delay1000 after the PIN, it changed the code.

Probably as it was a loop it had not enough time to set it.

Thanks once I hope I have less confusion :wink:

one you set the name you don't need to continually send that command... i figured you were only sending one command. hopefully you were sending these commands in setup, rather than loop?

can you please show me your wirings? did you do the same on that manual? if so, what schottky diode did you use?

i used another method for level converting 5v to 3.3v seen here: iwth my RN42 module. But, i still recommend that you wire yours according to the documentation of your module seen in the last diagram on page 3 here:

for that scheme i'd use a regular glass schottky diode. you could use one of the common black ones if you cant find one.