Reneasys FS2012


Could any one help me with Mass Flow sensor FS2012.

My project uses fs2012 sensor to measure hydrogen flow.

I did not find any library or how to read it from i2c. (analog read requaire signal amplifier)

The sensor adress is 0x07 but i really do not know how to read it. and how to interpretate data.

best regards.

Have you tried searching the forum for FS2012 ?

Do you have the datasheet for the sensor ?

The FS2012 operates as a slave device so if you set the Arduino up as a master device you can read from the slave. Start by taking a look at the examples for the Wire library in the IDE

From the datasheet it seems that the sensor simply sends 2 bytes on the I2C bus, so you should be able to read them. The first byte is the Most Significant Byte (MSB) of the value and the second byte is the Least Significant Byte (LSB) of the value. These can be combined into a single value with some manipulation

Hi @zawartek
See if these links help:

RV mineirin

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O i understand your sketch whitch connects to fs2012 and it looks its works (blinking led on sensor)
but how to read from it . How to read those 2 bytes and get some digits :slight_smile:

The FS2012 is programmed to continuously output data to the I2C bus. (instruction from manual)

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The sketch does that.

    byte a     =; // first received byte stored here ....Example bytes one: 00011001 10000000
    byte b     =; // second received byte stored here ....Example bytes two: 11100111 00000000
	int flow =  [(a << 8) + b] / 10;

           Serial.print("Flow    (mL / min) ");

What do you see in the Serial monitor ?

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Sorry my mistake I have only copied half of the sketch because of truncated faile :slight_smile: .

now i got answer from the sensor
Flow (mL / min) 4542 and it never change

i have changed as written in manual
int flow =((a << 8) + b)/1000 ; now answer is Flow (mL / min) 4
and does not change

Thank You Very Much .

The sketch is correct and working.

The main problem was to low voltage it rely need 5v, and I was using 3.3V .

Best Regards

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