Renesas gr sakura board for sale

hai i am selling my GR SAKURA arduino board.. the board is powered by a 100mhz 32bit rx63n mcu. in uno style footprint with advanced features of due! lot of IO pins, adk support. it has onboard function. ethernet via spi. onboard sd card. zigbee header.

On-board MCU
32-bit high performance CPU
? R5F563NBDDFP ? RX63N 100-pin
? Operating frequency: 96 MHz (single precision FPU, on-chip multiplication/division)
? Flash ROM: 1M Bytes, RAM?128K bytes,
? Data flash?32K bytes
? Communication features: USB (host/function), Ether-MAC, I2C, SPI, CAN, IEBus
? Timers 16-bit (MTU, TPU, CMT), 8-bit TMR, WDT, independent WDT, PPG
? 12 / 10-bit ADC, temperature sensor, data transfer (DMAC, DTC)

Board features
? USB function pins (mini-B?: Download by USB mass storage (write)
? EtherNet (RJ45) pins : LAN such as Web server and remote download available
? USB host pins (A)? applicable to Android-ADB-ADK
? MicroSD jacket: possible to share data with PC
? XBee ready pins: mount XBee module for wireless remote download
? Additional service pins for advanced timer input/outputs
? JTAG pins: E1 emulator debugging is possible

anyone intrested call me to 918220567919 m.arun magesh