Repair "corrupted SD Card files"

Hi, I am doing some data logging on my project. I have gotten the file I am working with corrupted sometimes, which means it’s not possible to open or deleted, so I have to plug the SD Card into Windows and use the repair tool, then it is gone.

I would like to know if there is a way to force the file deletion inside my ESP32.

How to you get it corrupted?

I am not sure, I think if you try to close a deleted file and if you shut down the ESP32 while writing to the file.

Hmm sounds like you will need to find a way to avoid corrupting the files in the first place…

The thing is, if the ESP32 ever shutdowns, there is a chance of that happening. My project will run on batteries and should last longer than the warranty itself. There is still a chance of corrupting the files, so if I cant fix that from inside the ESP32, it means the product broke and will have to replace it.

Ohhh… Ok I am not your man then!!

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