Repetier Host not working the same after new firmware

I have loaded new Marlin firmware. Before, I would manually set the printer nozzle to the desired place for the axis home positions, then I would click on x,y, or z button on the Manual control page and it would change the red numbers to black zeros, press print, and all was good. Now after loading new Marlin firmware, when I try to home my x,y,z axis, the printer moves about 10mm in each axis(positive movements for all), then everything clears out to zeros, but then the machine is obviously at the wrong position for printing, especially Z. CAN ANYONE HELP ME!!



Sounds like you have the limit switch setting wrong for your hardware.

I don't have mechanical limit switches on my printer. If you know of a setting to look at, please point me in the right direction.

Top tip for unexpected behaviour
If you upgraded your firmware or enabled new features and get unexpected behaviour, you might have wrong values in your eeprom settings. Check them with Repetier-Host or Repetier-Server or overwrite them by changing EEPROM_MODE or sending the commands:

[color=#373737]M502 ; Load values from configuration.h
M500 ; store values to eeprom[/color]

Thanks ! Will give it a look tonight.