replace 2 wire servo by 3 wire servo .. how ?

Hello , I am very new to this.

I have an R/C crawler which I like very much , I have changed the battery but I need help with the servo. it is HB P1001 . I know its not a hobby grade but there are alot of youtube videos showing the toy with replaced servo. The servo on those is very weak and breaks easy . Now I need to change mine but I dont know how. The original servo is apparently a 2 wire servo and all the servos I saw for sell have 3 wires. I will be able to mount and adjust the new servo in the place of the old one but how do I connect it since the old one has 2 wires and the new one will have 3 ? Please help me because There is nobody to ask here , I live in a small town in Europe . Again I am new to this so I am asking for a proper explanation ..

Thank you all :)

unless you rebuild all the electronics it`s not possible. My daughter has the same crawler.

You steering servo ist a servo at all, its just a simple electric motor on a slip-clutch that moves a lever from left to right. A spring push it to the center.

A servo has 3 wire`s Black = negative red = posetive white or yellow = signal for the position.

If you still what to modify the car I suggest to order something like this.

It has a front and back steer servo connection and a on board ESC and it`s cheep.

The 2 wire piece is likely not a servo. On inexpensive RC cars, often non-proportional steering mechanisms are used. So, no power is probably straight. Power turns the steering fully one way. Opposite power turns the steering the other way.

Using an RC servo will require different electronics. Usually this means an RC transmitter and RC receiver. And at that point, you should add an RC ESC (electronic speed control) so that you get proportional throttle also).

But we should ask what you are really trying to do. Do you simply want to replace the fragile steering '2 wire' device with a servo? It would probably be possible to have an arduino watch the existing steering commands and move a servo. This would still give you non-porportional steering.

Do you want to upgrade the crawler to have proportional steering and throttle? 2 ways to do this. 1. get an RC transmitter, RC receiver, servo and ESC. take out the stock electronics and replace with the items you purchased. 2. arduino(s)

Help us out with what you are looking to do. Do you have experience with programming arduinos? Or electronics?

Edit: Yeah, like @AJK77 said. :-D

Hello , No , I dont have any experience with programming.

I dont want to upgrade it . I just want to continue to drive the R/C like it is but with broken "servo" I don't know what to do. IS there any way to find something like the original "servo" and just install it in its place ? That seems much easier and cheap ?

Spare parts will be difficult or impossible to find for these kind of RC cars.

What is exactly broken? (Gears, Motor, electric drive circuit)

A motor is replaceable, if the gears or electrics are broken I suggest the Hobbyking solution.

Servo and transmitter whit receiver/ESC cost about € 18 ex shipping from UK warehouse.

That is the cheapest way, or buy a new one