Replace a 0-10v Potentiometer with arduino

For all to peruse the manual for the controller.
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I had found it an read the only options they mention are:

  1. Pot
  2. 0 to 10 V

Still if this were my project I would try an open drain PWM control. Such a configuration is safe as it never exceeds the operating area of the SV input.

Yes. Usually you need 2 pins, sometimes I2C, sometimes it's bit-banging on any pin. You don't use the pins as analog pins (obviously!), but as digital ones.


That's not 'isolated' either. It depends on the digipot you use, but many only accept up to 5V. In which case you'd need an opamp to get from 0-5V to 0-10V. But the ones @flashko linked you to do directly what you want. Still not isolated, but nothing in your project suggests it needs to be isolated.

Thanks for the suggestion. The DS3502 worked for me . Thanks so much. It just took me a moment to realize by reading the notes where I had to apply the external power.