Replace analog automotive gauges.

Hello all, I am new to Arduino and to this forum where I hope to learn more about the product and it's many applications.

My project is to replace the original instrument gauges in a 1977 MGB automobile with a TFT display(s) that would have simulated analog gauges with moving pointers. I have replaced the original engine with a mid 1990's computer controlled one that outputs some digital signals that also need to be displayed. The true analog signals are fuel level, oil pressure and water temperature. The tachometer (RPM) signal is provided that equals 3 pulses per revolution of the engine.(V-6). I plan on using a Arduino GPS shield (module) to bring speed, time and other GPS data into the display or use the 2,002 digital pulses per mile the manual transmission provides.

I'm looking for input to determine feasibility, what products to base the design around and existing software (sketch) someone may have created for a similar application.

Any help would be appreciated.




awesome idea, keep us posted on your progress